Wellmatic solarium controllers

Computer control

By means of the solarium control computer program the salon can be operated more smoothly, economically and comfortable. The user friendly control makes possible to access a complex system easily, reliable and really comprehensive.

Management of the solarium
in one hand

Take the control in your hand!

By means of the computer system several device can be controlled economically and comfortable.
The system can manage 1-24 devices at the same time.

Beside the solarium control (start/stop) it is possible to store and display the turnover data, to sale stock items and services and to follow the current amount in the cash register.

The system makes possible full management of the operators, cash register and season tickets.  It is possible to set the prices in the system and assign them to any device.

The system makes possible to follow the services easily and by means of the appointment calendar the appointments.

The program can send birthday greetings per e-mail to the registered users or users with season tickets, as well as the system can send an e-mail with the daily turnover data at closing or operator change to the pre-set e-mail address.

It is also possible to register customers without selling season tickets. The customers with season ticket can not only use the solarium but they can buy stock items or services with the season ticket as well.

The system has a protection mechanism that makes possible to run the started programs without problem even if the computer fails. When in the meantime the problem will be solved the software takes the current state and continues running.

By means of the service function it is possible to the technician to make maintenance on one ore more devices even in the absence of the owner.