Wellmatic solarium controllers

Automatic studio controller

There is no staff, no waiting time and no registration is necessary for the automatic solarium studios thus your guests can enjoy the tanning time in high level and without restrictions. The use of the automatic studios is very easy thus everybody can do that!

Management of the solarium
in one hand

Take the control in your hand!

The automatic solarium studio system can manage even 16 solarias. The solarium starts always for the time corresponding to the amount thrown and there is no unit time.

The system has one control unit and every cabin has a display. The controller makes possible to program any amount of money to any time. The settlement can take place according to the operating time or income.

The automatic tanning salons can currently be used against cash, but as a result of our further improvements, it will soon be possible to use season tickets or to pay with bank card.

Furthermore, we plan an access control system based on registration and identification by smart phone later on.