about us

We have found our company with the vocation that meeting the expectations of modern times and respecting the results of the past at the same time, our devices combine the design and functionality. The Wellmatic value comes from the reliability of the products. They reflect innovation and elegance and they are unique because of the special attention on the safety functioning.Under the name of Wellmatic we offer future-proof wellness controls created by outstanding Hungarian specialists. We offer not only standard product range but we satisfy also individual needs, where the professional result is determined by individual ideas. We follow the path of the product from the identification of the needs through the physical realization of the product until the guarantee service.

We develop our products continuously bearing in mind the requirements of the state of the art. This equipment makes the relax of families at home not only more comfortable but it can make good return of investment of the public wellness institutions.

Safety and confidence are the most important not only for our products and services but this is our company philosophy, too. I am proud that our company acquired the certificate “A” in 2014 and “AA” in 2017, then “AAA” in 2020 from Bisnode international company rating, which confirm the outstanding financial stability and reliability of Wellmatic Ltd.

Wellmatic VALUES

Design & functionality

The sauna controller system is an important part of the home wellness management. It is important to place it in an easily accessible, central location to make possible to choose the temperature or read the humidity easily. Why not could it be the centre of relaxation and a decoration of our living space in the same time? The Wellmatic controllers are well suited to any style and shape due to their neat and elegant design.

Hungarian product

In addition to Hungarian-language consultation and local representation, there are many benefits of choosing Hungarian sauna controller. The easy access of the support, the reliability, the support of our country's economy, the peculiar local solutions, the reduction of the environmental impact are the arguments in favour of purchase of the domestic product.

Individual solutions

We like challenges, individual systems, tasks to solve because they are not obstacles for us but possibilities.

Reliability & safety

The easily usable Wellmatic sauna controllers provide for a safety recreation quietly and efficiently in the background. Rely on the system proving for more than 10 years and enjoy the undisturbed recreation!

We are Bisnode AAA certified!

Since foundation of our company the business stability is one of our main goals to make our partners feel the greatest financial security working together. As a result we acquired the highest AAA certificate of Bisnode international company rating system.